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Dmytro Komarnytskyi

(Third Officer)


Mob:   +380992065105 / +380931424774


Dear Employers,

I would be very grateful if you consider me as a candidate for the positions of Third Officer, Junior Officer, Deck Cadet, Ordinary Seaman and in the future a competent Master in your company

My achievements and knowledge in the field of Navigation will let you consider my candidacy as one of the best specialists.


Kherson Maritime College “Kherson Maritime College of Fishing Industry”.

Period of study: 01.09.2012 – 01.07.2016

Specialty: “Navigation”

During my studies at the nautical school, I have achieved a large amount of knowledge that I can apply in navigation. After graduating I received the diploma of “Junior Specialist”.

After Nautical College I entered the Higher Education Institution “Kherson Maritime Academy”.

Period of study: 01.09.2016 – up to the present day.

Specialty: “Navigation”

In the academy, I also received a large amount of knowledge in navigation and ship handling and also applied them on special simulators in this academy.

From May 14, 2014, to September 14, 2014, I had my first sailing practice at the cargo vessel “Semyon Rudnev”, during the practice I improved my English knowledge and practical experience in navigation.

From 18.05.2015 to 13.08.2015, and as well as from 14.08.2015 to 22.09.2015 and also from 23.09.2015 to 14.03.2016, I passed my second sailing practice on three cargo ships “Semyon Rudnev”, “Volodymyr Sharkov” and “Mykola Slavov” and obtained the experience of navigation in stormy winter conditions.

From 23.09.2016 to 13.12.2016 I worked at the cargo vessel “Mykola Slavov” as an Ordinary Seaman and have got a great experience on the deck works, during my free time I came to the navigation bridge in order to improve my knowledge in the field of “Navigation”.

From 14.12.2016 to 21.03.2017 at the ship “Mykola Slavov” I was promoted to the position of Third Officer. During this contract, my duties were: Passage plane making, proof-reading of charts and nautical publications, the arrival/departure documents preparations. I also performed a daily, weekly and monthly GMDSS test.

From December 29, 2017, to May 4, 2017, I joined another shipping company, as a Deck Cadet, at the vessel “Fehn Light”, and got an experience of navigation in stormy conditions in the Northern Atlantic Ocean and northern seas. I enlarged my experience in deck and bridge works and operations; I kept watches at sea and at ports with the Third Officer and performed the duties of a Third Officer under his supervision. Later I received a promotion letter from the ship Master for the position of Third Officer.

From 05.05.2018 to 14.08.2018, at the vessel “Fehn Light” I was promoted to the position of Ordinary Seaman. I continued to improve my experience in deck works. During my free time, I attended the watches together with the Third Officer. I also did corrections of the charts and nautical publications.

At the moment, I continue studying at “Kherson Maritime Academy” and have a Watch Officer working diploma.


During the study, I received a sea sailing practice on Dry Cargo and General Cargo vessels. I also have working experience on cargo ship cranes of carrying capacity up to 35 tons.

The most important qualities, in my opinion, which the Master should possess, our responsibility, diligence, accuracy, attentiveness. I am able to make the right decisions in emergency situations, as I have repeatedly worked out actions in various situations during ships drills. First of all, I am a responsible person who is ready to carry out the instructions that the company and the Master will charge on me.

During my work on the ships, I gained a large experience of work with various deck mechanisms.

With great pleasure, I get new knowledge and skills, daily improving my knowledge in Navigation and professional maritime English. I am always ready for advice from the crew members and carefully listen to each of them.

Every day, before and after work on the deck in my spare time, I kept watches both alone and under the supervision of a qualified specialist. During the voyages, I always assisted the navigators in their duties in order to improve my own skills.

I have excellent recommendations for the position of OOW and Junior Officer.

In the future I plan to become a Master, therefore I constantly improve myself in all aspects of this profession.


  • Fishing, swimming, hiking and outdoors activities.
  • Knowledge of Russian language: excellent;
  • Knowledge of English language: above average;
  • I am a good PC user, good skills in MS Word, Excel.


Ready to present on demand

If you are interested in my candidacy, you can contact me at any time:

Mob:   +380992065105 / +380931424774

Email: dmytro.komarnytskyi@gmail.com


Dmytro Komarnytskyi

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