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Romanovskyy Vladyslav

(Second Officer/Chief Officer)



Dear Employers,

I am 42 years old, married; I have no criminal records; I don’t have tattoos.

Education: I have two higher educations. The first is higher technical. The second is a junior specialist in navigation, the bachelor of navigation, I currently prepare for a specialist in navigation qualification diploma defence.

Professional skills and experience: Good PC, office equipment and electronic equipment skills, excellent leadership skills, good organisational skills, I am able to work with people, purposeful, stress resistant, conscientious, reliable, punctual, with active life position, I have a strong wish towards the professional growth, I am the fast learner with critical thinking and quick decision making; the body is adapted to ship rolling. I worked in mixed crews such as Filipinos, Spaniards, Serbs, Greeks, and Croats.

Language skills: working and spoken English.

Education: 01-09 -1994 – 30-06-1999. Priazovsky State Technical University. Specialty – Technology and Equipment for welding production.

01-09-2007 – 30-06-2008 – Odessa National Maritime Academy, where I obtained the Bachelor of Navigation qualification.

From 01.06.2000 – 01.09.2000 – attended courses in the speciality First Class Sailor.

From 10.09.2000 – 01.07.2001 – I passed the sailing practice at the tow in the Mariupol Sea Port.

From 22.07.2001- I left for the contract as an Able Seaman.

From 22.07.2001 – 12.12.2007- I worked as an Able Seaman.

From 08.09.2008- I started to work on the position of Watch Officer.

I began my career as a deck officer in the company “Donbas Commercial Fleet”. http://www.cfd.com.ua/en/contacts.html

I worked as the 3rd Mate on a container vessel “Contaz Carrier”.

The duration of the contract: 09/08/2008 – 01/14/2009

I left the company due to the non-payment of wages for the entire period of the contract.

In 2009 I returned to the company ISG (International Shipping Group).

I had 3 contracts with them on bulk carriers as the 3rd Mate. During my time at the company, I gained invaluable experience in navigation in difficult conditions. I revised my vision of the company ISM, having understood that ISM is not just paperwork, but a system that works and whose goal is to increase safety both on the vessel and on the fleet in general. During my time at the ISG, I passed numerous checks from the Port State Control and various registers with no comments on my management, which I consider to be a successful passage of a kind of exam of my work. During this time I was a Navigational Officer, I believe that I have improved my professional skills in this position quite well.

During the work, I received a lot of positive characteristics from the Masters.

I worked in the company ISG until 2012 and remained in good relations with the company.

In 2012 I worked in the company “Bermudas”. I have worked 3 contracts with this company on the position: the 3rd Mate and 2nd Mate.

I performed the duties of Safety Officer and Navigational Officer.

I studied the SMS from the company. I learned means to support LSA & FFE on an old ship. I passed numerous PSC & FSC without comments on my management.

From 2014 to 2015 I worked at “V.Ships” company.

During my work with the company, I made 3 contracts, two on the bulk carrier and one on a container vessel.

I took over the new ship in 2015 in China. I was the 2nd Mate that time. I coped well with my duties. I perfectly mastered electronic cartography and electronic publication of navigation. I passed checks from Port State Control without comments on my management.

I got positive characteristics from Masters.

From 2016 to 2018, I worked at “Esmeralda Shipping”.

During my work for this company I made 3 contracts at the container vessel.

Half of the contract I worked as the 3rd Mate and second half of the contract I worked as the Chief Mate.

My duties as the Chief Mate included:

As the Head of the deck team I was responsible for maintenance of the ship’s hull in proper condition, also I was the Emergency Squad Leader, Cargo Officer, the member of the safety and environmental committee, training Officer. As a member of the MSPS Team, I calculated the cargo and did the trim optimization for the more fuel economy. During my work as a Chief Officer, there was no cargo damage, no cargo claims, and there were no shipment refusal from the ship.

Upon arrival to the vessel, I first of all inspected all LSA & FFE to make sure that the crew members are safe. After that, I made a pass around the deck and inspected the condition of the hull, later I made a preliminary deck work plan, which I discussed with the Master and the technical superintendent. During this time I got acquainted with the crew members and discussed with them any problems in order to find out if the crew members were not depressed. In parallel with this, in my free time I studied company SMS.

Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt and sold its last ship.

In this regard, I am looking for a new company. I want to find a reliable company to work with it for a long time and to be confident in the future.

I want to work in a mixed crew of various nationalities, religions. I treat with respect all religions and worldviews of colleagues. I am a Christian by religion, baptised. I avoid and solve conflicts with subordinates and management. I am ready to pass any courses, exams, tests and interviews.

My hobbies are computer programs and travels. I am very calm and reasonable in life and in communication, I try not to create conflict situations, and solve all ship problems in a calm way. I constantly improve my professional skills by reading technical literature and attending courses. I always try to listen to a colleague for any work task, I help colleagues if they do not cope with work or do not know any details about work, if there are cadets I try to give them more practical skills that will be useful to them in their future work. I can correctly and quickly navigate in a difficult, dangerous or sudden situation. I conduct familiarisation and instruction with subordinates to minimise possible risks when any serious ship operations, cargo, mooring, towing, anchor or other requiring special attention are carried out.

I am looking for a new interesting company to implement my knowledge and skills.

I have experience in Bulk Carrier and Container vessels; I will do my best to justify the trust of a company that is interested in my candidacy. I will consider the position of Chief Officer corresponding to my experience and education. Contact me at any time and on any issue, in turn, I will try to be online and on the phone at any time.


Phone/Viber: +79780705898

Email:   vlad.r007@gmail.com

Skype:  Vlad21170


Romanovskyy Vladyslav

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