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Dear Employer, On This Short Promotion Page, You can Find FREE List of Seafarers Profiles Around All Over the World Presented to You by Open International Joint-Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION“.

To check CV and Contact Information Feel Free to click on the Number # of Job Seeker

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Captains and Captains Mates

#Z055    Merchant Navy Captain Without Limitation, General cargo/Bulk Carriers all documents,  Ready/Available/Urgent, 11++ years best experience at a Germany Co. Valid USA & Schengen Visas. Transport Canada passed inspections. Contacts on my private page.

#Z052   Master Mariner With`out Limitation, General cargo/Ore Bulk Carrier (up to 250000 tn.) all documents,  Ready/Available/Urgent, 11++ years experience at different positions. Contacts on my private page.


#Z042  Second Mate, Bulk – Carrier, all documents,  Ready/Available/, Salary negotiable, 5+ years experience. Contact

#Z045    Third Officer, Reefer Carrier, all documents,  Ready/Available/, Salary negotiable, 3+ years experience. Contact

#Z046  Chief Officer, Bulk Carrier/Dry cargo vessels, all documents, salary negotiable, Ready/Available/, Contact

#Z036   Deck Cadet, Any vessel, all documents, Ready/Available,  Contact


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Engine department:

#ZME001   Electrical Engineer,  All documents, Ready/Available ASAP. Contacts on the private page. 

#ZM0025   Third Engineer,  All documents, 6+ years experience, Ready/Available. Contacts on my private page.

#379 Third Engineer + Gas/Oil tankers certificates, (Offshore supl./ Icebreaker very good experience) All documents, Ready/Available, Salary negotiable, 3+years experience. Contact

#380 Third Engineer,  All documents+Panama+Cyprus, Bulk-Carrier/Reefer, Ready/Available, Salary $3200, 6+years experience. Contact

#381 Third Engineer,  All documents, Bulk-Carrier/General cargo/Container Vessels, Ready/Available, Salary negotiable, 9+years experience. Contact

#383 Third Engineer + Oil tankers certificates, (Offshore) All documents, Ready/Available, Salary negotiable, 5+years experience. Contact

#380 Third Engineer,  All documents, Ro-Ro/Bulk-Carrier/General Cargo, Ready/Available, Salary $4500, 12+years experience. Contact

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Deck Crew Members


#Z056  Chief Cook. 6+ years experience on board different vessels, all documents, Ready/Available, Salary negotiable,  Contacts on my private page.

#179 Bosun, Any vessel, all documents, Ready/Available, Salary negotiable, 8++ years experience. Contact

#180 CHIEF STEWARDESS, private or charter super yacht, Ready/Available, Salary negotiable, 12++ years experience. Contact

More Seafarers You can Find Here

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On behalf of all people and animals, on behalf of our blue planet, we express to you deep gratitude for your COOPERATION.


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