Keeping Tanzanian Waters Free from Poachers

The Vigilance of Patrols in Tanzania Continue to Protect African Marine Wildlife

After a few months of maintenance, the M/Y Ocean Warrior is back on patrol with Tanzanian law enforcement authorities, supported by the Fish-i Africa Task Force countries.

Since the arrest of two long-line fishing vessels for the crime of shark finning in January — and the issuance of fines for the 19 legally-licensed industrial fishing vessels that fled Tanzanian waters to avoid similar boarding and inspections — industrial-scale illegal fishing activity has ceased in Tanzania. Local artisanal fishermen are reporting a remarkable return of large fish in the absence of industrial fishing activity, which is sure to continue as long as the Ocean Warrior patrols are deterring criminal activity.

One of the arrested vessels, the Buah Naga 1, remains under detention in the Tanzanian port of Mtwara. Its captain, owner, and agent remain in jail awaiting trial while the Prosecutor’s Office in Dar es Salaam prepares to file for the vessel to be forfeited to the state.

The Ocean Warrior hopes to expand patrols to other countries in the Indian Ocean region and beyond to replicate the successes made possible by the partnership between Sea Shepherd, Tanzania and Fish-i Africa.

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