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Find Hundreds of Job Opportunity For Freelancers and “Job At Home” Seamen Seekers

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List of hundreds of sites offering jobs for freelancers ”Work from Home” below

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There are several online platforms that offer full-time or part-time employment. This type of work is somewhat the same as that in an office.

Full-time work at home is not limited to programmers or virtual assistants. We have accountants, systems and network administrators, customer service representatives, technical support representatives, medical transcriptionists, and so on.

Here are some of the top online platforms that offer full time and/or part-time jobs:

Full-time/Part-time online jobs:

outsourcely   Outsourcely is a great place to find home-based work and pay zero fees. Outsourcely is 100% free for remote workers.

UpworkUpwork – this is where thousands of professional freelancers come to work in a variety of fields.



     WeWorkRemotely offers high level and high paying jobs for US applicants but they also consider people from other countries.


    Stackoverflow is primarily a site for programmers and all tasks are related to software development only.

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Global Work From Home Jobs

Apple hires At-Home Advisors in multiple locations around the world.  Apple has opened the Advisor position in the United States, Australia, China, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Click “View Current Opportunities” then select “Web Search Evaluation” in the area of interest box. Appen also hires for transcription and translation. Select Remote, Global in the Country search box to view available global work from home jobs.

Hires search engine and ad evaluators, and crowd workers in multiple countries.

Leapforce hires search engine evaluators in various locations around the world. As of the date of this post, I found openings for Personalized Search Engine Evaluator in 18 countries.

Hires for search engine evaluation and crowdsourcing opportunities in countries around the world.

Buffer provides a service to help manage social media presence. The Buffer team works completely remote from multiple countries and continents.

ICUC provides social media management services, and they hire moderators and other positions globally. ICUC is 100% remote.

Zapier is 100% remote, hiring for various positions.

Transcription, captioning, and translation jobs globally.

LiveWorld is a social media management firm that hires online moderators. They do not specify which countries, other than the United States, that they hire from; but they do have an application for non-US residents.

Shutterstock hires image reviewers all over the globe, including Japan, Germany, Korea, Thailand, and more.

Tutors in the United States and India can tutor for all subjects. Eduwizards also accept tutors from China, Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.


Dialog Direct, an insights-driven marketing solutions provider, helps businesses attract leads, automate processes, increase sales and inspire customers through direct marketing, fulfillment, and personalized customer engagement solutions. 11 locations, 1 million square feet of production and warehouse space, 3,500 team members and 11 languages supported. 10 off-shore locations, 3 near-shore locations, and 15 U.S.-based locations.

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Job Boards and Other Resources for International Jobs
Find global work from home jobs in 61 countries.

Great resource listing various job boards where you may find international work from home jobs.

Time Doctor
Time Doctor’s blog includes an excellent post with 38 work from home job sites in the Philippines.

FreelanceIndia is a job portal providing projects over several categories to freelancers in India.

International job search site.
Search jobs by country and type, along with a job board with recent international job postings.
Features overseas jobs and international employment opportunities.


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How does House Sitters Carers work?

Vacation for free – as an International House Sitter

What if you could spend a month, a summer or even an entire year in an idyllic getaway of your choice… without spending a dime on a place to stay?

I am not talking about ramshackle accommodations like some closet-sized spare bedroom or crashing on a lumpy fold-out couch…

I know, it sounds like a pipe dream. But many people are shocked to discover they can have a luxurious, two-bedroom apartment in London or spacious waterfront cabana in Bermuda all to themselves… for free.

House sitting is a great way for retirees, or anyone for that matter, to spend extended periods of time in dream locations, in beautiful homes, without paying a penny on lodging.

In fact, one Canadian couple, who run their own website called Hecktic Travels – chronicled how they saved more than $30 000.00 in accommodation costs by house sitting their way around the globe.

All you have to do is keep an eye on someone’s home while they’re away, and you get to stay in it for free, saving money on accommodations and food expenses since your lodging includes a kitchen. In return, the owners get peace of mind knowing their house is safe. It’s a win-win situation.

Another great thing about the house-sitting job is that they can last anywhere from two weeks to six months, if not longer.

That extended stay can enable you to immerse yourself in the local culture and to visit places that regular tourists rarely have the time to cram into their schedule.

Click And List FREE yourself for house sitting in 2 simple steps!

Receive notifications of housesit opportunities for your chosen Locations. Be found in searches for House Sitters. Receive Tips, Guides and more. Tap opportunities across the United States and around the World. Housecarers – Securely Matching Homeowners with Housesitters since October 2000.


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