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Brief Instructions for Finding a Job Using FREE of charge Websites and Methods on the Internet From “Merchant Navy Captain” part of  “Global Marine Placement” Crew Management, Marine Crewing Company Part of the Open International Joint-Stock Corporation “GLOBAL MARINE POLLUTION

Yes, there are a lot of letters and words. But we can not do less… 🙂 
# 1 (Step ONE)

Create your Resume and Cover Letter. These are your business cards. They must be completed according to the accepted standards and rules.

Short instructions:

  • Last place of work from the top, first from the bottom.
  • A photo in the upper right corner or at the top in the middle.
  • Address data is better placed on the left at the top.
  • Your email and link to your page must be clickable.

The summary and cover letter should be brief (maximum three sheets all together !!), express the essence of your searches and stand out among many others. You can use this link for Marine CV/Application Form. Download the form from here and fill it out diligently. Do not forget to clean all unnecessary words! If you will not clean ALL somebody can thinking about Medical Assistance for you… 😆 

Attach your beautiful photo to the cover letter and resume. Much depends on the type of photo! Remember this. Your Photo MUST be good and maybe UNUSUAL (in the red or blue dress, for example, smiling), to show your good side and catch the vision of the manager.

Your first goal is to please any manager. Remember that you must first of all show THE KEY BENEFIT THE FIRM WILL GET from you and only then show your abilities that will benefit the firm. You yourself and your excellent abilities today are the GOODS and you need to advertise it in order to somebody BUY it. Type your unique experience by writing in bold or italics, in another color for example.

Write Your PROFESSIONAL Marine CV/Application HERE (in DOC file)

ANY seafarers resume examples you can find below, it will help you

Standard Resume Seafarers Examples (in PDF files)

A few words about the Cover Letter. The cover letter is one of the most important for you.

It must be short and clever to catch the manager’s vision. Of the 1000 applications, it is simply impossible to catch the manager’s vision, especially if he is under stress. A Cover Letter will help you in this situation.

It will show your PROFESSIONAL SKILLS and the best points that you can bring to the Company.

Never put on a Cover Letter your position or rank in a shortened manner. This will immediately show your disregard for work and disrespect for your own status in the Team. This is the first mistake absolutely everyone. It is better to discard the entire proposal but to put your position in a worthy place.

And at the end, we will use your Cover Letter to prepare your short page in our site. Then you will be able in short E-mail to put only the short link it will help you to find the work.

For maximum efficiency of your Cover Letter, change words and sentences adapting to your personal situation and highlighting your personal qualities, please.

Write Your Cover Letter HERE (in DOCX file)

Other help and useful links below

How to write a Cover Letter

If you are invited for an interview via Skype or at the office AFTER the interview send a short Thank You Letter in the Company regardless of the interview results. This simple action will add your points compared to competitors.

1) Everyone likes politeness and appreciation of their work, ANY manager too.

2) You will be remembered.

3) If manager now choosing between your and someone else’s candidacy – they will choose you.

4) You will be remembered, and perhaps soon will be called again.

Professional Thank You Letter Examples and Writing Tips


#2 (Step TWO)

1. Send me your epoch-making job on e-mail:

2. Start the dissemination of this work in the world of Shipowners and Crewing Companies. Maximum on the third company you will go crazy and will reproach me for the ‘useless’ work. Of course, you’re right! If you follow the STANDARD rules to stand out among thousands of applicants you have minimal chances. Chances are the same as to win the lottery.

Suppose you have 300 links to sites. How long will it take you to fill out their applications? 1 profile for half an hour – ‘only’ 150 hours! A week of fruitful work without sleep, lunch, or even a toilet … Only on this site, there are about 2000 (I did not record and it will be many times more!). 20,000 sites you will handle more than 1 YEAR without sleep, lunch, and toilet … That is the truth.

We will apply an unconventional method of disseminating information. We will send out TENS of THOUSAND E-MAILS in a few minutes.

For that, you have worked hard. You will attach your CV and Letters to a short E-mail with one short link to your page on our site and no more.

To do it you will need a special program you can download FREE HERE.

(If you will buy PRO version of this program pay them in Euro it will be more useful for “GlobalMP” Corporation. Thank you.)

In reality, it is enough for you to search the Job for a free license for this program, you will find it on the program’s website. The program is very easy to use. The program is completely simple.

But you do not have a list of e-mail addresses. Or List is very small. It does not matter. This site has an updated Lists of addresses of several thousand and this list will constantly grow and be updated. You can buy it. Price is US$ 40.00


To collect all E-mail addresses by yourself use GOOGLE CHROME browser and download extension EmailDrop – Extract Emails in 1 second.  This extension in one moment will extract and collect for you ALL E-mails from ANY page from ANY sites. In several minutes you will have only from this site List of several thousands of E-mail addresses.

Now you are in all respect ready to send all your CV and Cover Letters to thousands of companies around the world in minutes. For the first time, you will spend no more than half an hour, a maximum of an hour so that everything works profitably for you after.

Next time sending letters will take no more than five minutes of your precious time.

You will have many questions.

Сan your E-mail is banned? Not. SendBlaster has the opportunity to put invented E-mail sender or some fiction e-mail address. Be sure to use its option and do not put your e-mail.

Can my letter will reach the addressee? Yes. Your letter will reach the addressee, but some of your letters will be able to end up in the spam filter. Therefore, you will need to repeat your sending letter constantly. To be reading your e-mail by the recipient on average, you need to send it to the same address about seven times! Constantly repeat the sending your letter. Actually, it gives an excellent result! Checked many times. Especially quickly it will give the result if you approach seriously to writing a CV and Cover Letter. Write your letter simply and use the link to your page on our site. It will save your time and time of recipient person as well.

If you want to extract more E-mail’s addresses? For this, you can use special program aggregator for emails. You can use this program. If you no want to pay them, simply read ALL this program collect from all over the world and you will find a lot of sites with a lot of E-mail addresses. Go to these sites and by EmailDrop collect all addresses. It is simple.

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Lists of all Crewing Agencies and all Shipowner’s E-mails:   

Crewing Agencies  |-|||-|  Shipowners

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What we can do at this time? Great question! Every day we have about a hundred – one hundred and fifty vacancies. This is where we will propose your candidacy. You will be spared from the routine and unsystematic surfing the net. For mass mailing of Resumes/CV by us to employers, $15 in PayPal or any plastic cards MONTHLY.

You can stop this service at any time.

We will provide you with the documents you need for the acquisition of maritime documents (within reasonable limits and without violating generally accepted laws. We do not manufacture certificates or diplomas, passports, and visas, but we can arrange the ship’s role and work call, legally and without problems.). For documents to confirm the receipt of the Seafarer’s Identity Card and Seaman Book (Crew List + contract) $40 in PayPal or any plastic cards.

We will give real and effective advice in a difficult situation, we will find you an acceptable way out of a difficult situation.


1. You can simply sell the list of crewing agencies, shipowners and their email addresses.

2. You can apply these skills in any personnel agency as a valuable employee in any field.


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